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Genuine DLP EPSON Projector Lamp ELPLP36 V13H010L36 for EMP-S4 EMP-S42

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—— Chris

Reasonable price plus very long time warranty, perfect!

—— Volkov

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Genuine DLP EPSON Projector Lamp ELPLP36 V13H010L36 for EMP-S4 EMP-S42

Genuine DLP EPSON Projector Lamp ELPLP36 V13H010L36 for EMP-S4 EMP-S42 factory Genuine DLP EPSON Projector Lamp ELPLP36 V13H010L36 for EMP-S4 EMP-S42 factory Genuine DLP EPSON Projector Lamp ELPLP36 V13H010L36 for EMP-S4 EMP-S42 factory

Large Image : Genuine DLP EPSON Projector Lamp ELPLP36 V13H010L36 for EMP-S4 EMP-S42

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Epson
Model Number:ELPLP36 V13H010L36

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece
Price:Ask for Latest Price
Packaging Details:in Bubble and Carton Box
Delivery Time:1-3 Days after Payment
Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability:5000 pc/month
Detailed Product Description


Genuine DLP EPSON Projector Lamp ELPLP36 V13H010L36 for EMP-S4 EMP-S42


Quick Detail


Part  Numbers:     ELPLP36 V13H010L36
Model Number:     EPSON EMP-S4 EMP-S42 Powerlite S4
Rated Power:       UHE170W
Life Expectancy:   2000H 
Voltage:                220V 
lamp type:             OBH OEM GLM
Warranty :            180 Days warranty after delivery

Brand Name 


Part Numbers

ELPLP36 V13H010L36

Fittable projector models 

EPSON EMP-S4 EMP-S42 Powerlite S4

Bulb Type 


Life time 



Carton box with foam

Minimum Order quantity 

1 piece

Shipping Terms 


Delivery time 

Within 24 hours after full payment

Payment Terms 

Paypal, T/T, Western Union


180 Days warranty after delivery


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Warranty : 180 Days warranty after delivery.
Note : All projector lamps/bulbs in the photos are original with 180-day warranty .
What we can offer

  1. Original lamp module ( OM / OLM )
  2. Original lamp with housing ( OBH / OEM / GLM ) and original bare bulb ( OB / OOB )
  3. Compatible lamp with housing ( CBH / CWH / ML / CM ) and compatible bare bulb ( OB )
  4. Remote Controls for all brands . 
  5. Other projector accessories : power supply , color wheel , DMD chip , etc . 


The brands of replacement projector lamp module include PHILIPS , OSRAM , USHIO , PHOENIX ,  EPSON , PANASONIC , HITACHI , SANYO , SONY , INFOCUS , BENQ , OPTOMA , MITSUBISHI , GE ,ELL etc . 


Bulb series include UHP, UHE , VIP, NSHA , NSH , SHP , HS , HSCR , UMPRD , SHL , etc . 


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